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Micusto Cloud is a flexible, user-friendly cloud for CMS, webshop and intranet systems and yet so simple that everyone can join.

Create your next project on Micusto Cloud and avoid installation and maintenance of servers.

Web hosting for businesses and agencies

Micusto Cloud is automation, microservices and control of program processes on servers. It therefore acts as one large logical resource, where each application is operated and lives in its own separate network.

Micusto Cloud solves a company's DevOps tasks with automation of configuration and is a shortcut to scale applications and to get sites "out-of-the-box" on a larger server farm. This is hard to manage and do with normal server environments on-premise and in the majority of private and public clouds where certified personnel is needed to tailor a solution for an application.

Your benefits

The goal of Micusto Cloud is to be flexible, user-friendly and provide a better workflow for users and developers. This is different from legacy web hosting environments which suffer from too much technical debt.

From a technical point of view Micusto Cloud is built with well-tested technology under the hood that is designed for future demand. This includes faster response times through a built in dedicated application cache as well as horizontal scaling resulting in improved uptime on application level, eliminating typical scaling problems encountered with traditional hosting, virtual/dedicated servers and other cloud platforms.


Micusto Cloud is packed with new and exciting features, all aimed at making it easier, more feasible and safe to host applications and sites. Furthermore complex administration of a scalable system is managed and automated.

Micusto Cloud offers easy scaling of web applications with minimal to no changes at the application level. In fact Micusto Cloud can run and scale applications on any physical infrastructure including all major public clouds if a customer has special needs.

Support & consultancy

Our competent support not only helps you with DNS, email, domain transfer and registration or cleaning of a hacked website - we can also assist with development tasks.

We are technically sound and make web solutions as well as integration between and to systems. Furthermore, we are always looking for ways to back Micusto Cloud better with technical improvements and by applying features arising from feedback from users of Micusto Cloud.

Maintenance Service

When it comes to building websites, a maintenance contract makes sense. You’ve built a website, but the work doesn’t stop there. The software must stay up to date, content and visitors protected. With an ongoing maintenance services, we will manage the upkeep of your site.

Our maintenance service prices starts from 250,- DKK per month (for up to 10 plugins + fees for paid plugins and/or themes). To get started with a maintenance service for your website, please contact our support.


Free SSL certificates

Add SSL to all your domains with Let's Encrypt. No limit on number of domains.

External Integrations

Setup Cloudflare or Sucuri services and enhance security and website speed.

Secure SMTP

Send mail from your website using a secure SMTP proxy which validates the sender domain and effectively avoids spam filters!

Dedicated Cache

Speed up the website with Micusto Cloud supercache delivering speeds below 15 ms.

SSH Access

If you are a developer you often miss this. All subscriptions have SSH Access, you just need to turn it on when needed!


Manage access to your account. Allow temporary or permanent access to a developer.

Tier 3 Support

If you can't solve a problem our expert support can. We never experienced not being able to solve a problem.

Scheduled Tasks

Cron - simply cron as you know it from a normal linux server.

Pricing plans


  • 3 service instances
    Medium memory limit
  • up to:
    10 GB files
    25 GB traffic
    5 GB database
  • Free SSL certificates
    Free CDN & DDoS protection
    with integration

For personal sites, blogs requiring standard performance and anyone who wants to explore Micusto Cloud.

per month
from 99,- DKK


  • 5 service instances
    Highest memory limit
  • up to:
    100 GB files
    250 GB traffic
    15 GB database
  • Free SSL certificates
    Free CDN & DDoS protection
    with integration

For professional websites, eCommerce websites and businesses requiring optimized performance.

per month
from 349,- DKK

If these plans do not meet your requirements, we also provide development and enterprise packages.
All prices are excluding 25% danish VAT.

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